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ClubGold Casino ( NetEnt )

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10 free spins waiting for you!


As your feedback is always extremely valuable to us, we’re giving you the chance to get 10 free spins by simply answering the following questions:




Which aspects of Club Gold do you like so far?




Which aspects of Club Gold do you think we could improve?




Do you play at any other online casino(s)? If yes, what is it that makes you enjoy playing there?




To claim your free spins, simply reply to this email with your answers and any other thoughts you may have regarding your Club Gold experience so far. Once that’s done you can contact us on our website Club Gold Casino by using the “Chat with us” function and we’ll be happy to credit your 10 free spins right away.




Please also keep in mind that you can get a bonus on any deposit of 20 or more, or if you prefer to play without a bonus you can get 15% of any deposit made back as cash with no restrictions! All that on top of our daily tournaments which you can read all about by clicking on “Tournaments” from our homepage!




We hope to hear back from you soon and we wish you the best of luck in the casino!


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