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Fairspin - 30 darmowych spinów bezdepozytu

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17.2.Legal Restrictions. The User understands and accepts that online gambling may not be legal in some jurisdictions. We make no representation whatsoever as to the legality of the Services provided by FairSpin. The use of the Services is on the User's sole discretion, option, and risk. Nevertheless, we restrict the use of FairSpin to the Users from the following countries: United States of America, Iran, Israel, United Kingdom, Spain, France, Turkey, Italy, Romania, Denmark, Belgium, Bulgaria, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, North Korea (Democratic People's Republic of Korea), South Korea, Algeria, Ecuador, Indonesia, Myanmar, Afghanistan, Australia, Albania, Angola, Cambodia, Guyana, Iraq, Kuwait, Lao, Namibia, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Sudan, Syria, Uganda, Yemen, Zimbabwe, Hong Kong, Philippines, Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore, Canada and/or any other restricted by law country or state.
Use of the Services is unauthorized and unlicensed wherever it is unlawful under applicable law. You may not use the Services at any place or in any manner that would violate any applicable laws and/or regulations. Any offer of any feature, product or service is void where prohibited. FairSpin may limit or deny to any person, in its sole discretion, access to any feature, product or service.
You agree that you are not allowed to open an account, nor attempt to use Your Account, if you are resident or located in any of the listed jurisdictions, otherwise your account will be blocked. The company may at its sole discretion make a decision regarding deposit or balance withdrawals or any other funds placed on blocked accounts.

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