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7Gods Casino - 7 Darmowych spinów bez obrotu

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Spoznilem sie, armia ruszyla po free spiny i nie aktualne. Info z lc

Jesus: Unfortunately players from Poland are not elegible for this bonus, but please enjoy of our amazing 100% Bonus + free spins with your first deposit of minimum 20!

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we are writing to you regarding your withdrawal requests.


Please note that you withdrawal request has been rejected since:


5.28. The special proposition of 7 no wager free spins upon registration has a cashout limitation of €/£/$10 or NZD 20 or SEK/NOK 100. Withdrawal of this money is available only after the minimum available deposit is made.


Furthermore, as part of our verification procedure, we kindly ask you to send the following documents:


    • Identification document

        ◦ Identity card, Passport, Driver's Licence

        ◦ Front and back side pictures


    • Document as a proof of residence

        ◦ Invoice: electricity, water, gas, rent, landline telephone or internet (DSL or fibre). Mobile phone bills are not accepted

        ◦ This document should not be older than two (2) months

        ◦ All four corners of the document must be visible


    • Bank account statement

        ◦ Bank statement should not be older than six (6) months

        ◦ Your name, IBAN and BIC/SWIFT must be visible


If you will use one of the following (below) payment methods we kindly ask you to send:


    • Pictures of credit cards used for depositing in casino

        ◦ Your name and expiration date must be visible

        ◦ First six(6) and last four(4) digits must be visible

        ◦ CVV number should be covered

        ◦ Back side of the card must be signed


    • Screenshot of your Skrill/NETELLER account

        ◦ Your name, registered address and email address must be visible

        ◦ URL bar in your browser must be visible

        ◦ Your Neteller account number must be visible


Please note that we do not accept black&white or scanned documents, only color copies.


Document formats that we accept are : JP(E)G, PNG, GIF, BMP, PDF; please make sure that the necessary information is clearly

visible in order to avoid any delays during verification.


Should you have any further concerns, questions or comments, don’t hesitate to contact our 24/7 customer service.



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